Our real stone veneer is custom cut to order, an  artisan  will custom install your stone fireplace, pillars, exterior and interior to fit your designers concept.
Steve, one of the stone cutters
Sawyer ( stone cutter) from the beginning

Accurate measure
Your first contact will be a greeting
All inquires can be made by phone or email,  Monday through Saturday.  We will be glad to help you with sample selections,   project quotes,  deliveries, pricing and on the site quotes
Samples are approximately 4 inches in diameter and are small size for shipping purposes.  Your sample selection will consist of  face stones and one corner stone.  This will give you a good idea of the true colour and texture.  Plan on 4 to 6 days for delivery. 

1-800-338-4868 for Samples and Inquiries.
Email:  sales@cutriverock.com
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Tom is a veteran when it comes to stone veneer work and is not shy of log building.
Sixty plus years has been a long teacher and comes natural to Tom, the early years were spent logging with horses during the winter and masonry labour during the summer.  At the age of 19 or 20 a labour for stone mason on the university building standing patiently waiting while the stone mason spread a thin layer of mortar on the bed then carefully set in wooden shims.  Then the huge  granite slab was lowered by the husky boys gently setting down perfectly even on the bed so not to squeeze too much mortar out of one side.  The wooden shims held the uneven weight and prevented squashing out uneven mortar.

Some thirty years ago he build a huge lodge of logs with the full scribe method, then a year later added a full river rock fireplace.  That little escapade took him and a helper most of the summer.  After that, over the years log work and masonry help work, then less than ten years ago came the demand for stone veneer "real stone" and the machinery had to be designed and built to fill the need  because it is just impractical, to time consuming and expensive to build with full stone not to mention a much better quality of stone work can be had with real stone veneer.

    Every builder, contractor and general knows of an old european stone mason for the job.  He probably would be okay for  full round stone and uncut quarry stone, artificial or bricks and so on, but he has never laid Cut River Rock stone veneer or our Quarry stone veneer. 

    Cut River Rock's  installation crew consist of the founders,  Tom & Mark who will lay every single stone in an artistic fashion.  The fitting of the stone, the chipping of the stone, the squeezing of it into an forbidable place.  The arrangement of colour variations, the sizing arrangements are all of equal importance.  Then comes the mortar which has to be impectable consistancy  and is perfected over a generation and passed on.  Next comes the set up time to work the mortar into the joints without getting smears on the stone, the trick is that we don't wash the stone work, we don't get the mortar all over it, which is another trait that is passed on. 

    The question is, can we do a major job of several thousand square feet?  Yes, but we are not speed demons, and we are not  there so long that we become a member of the family either.  We have a back up crew to carry the mortar and stone, set up scaffolling, prep the work area and do the clean up and dozens of other tasks involved in your stone work.

    In time, some of the labours who show a keen interest and who has an artistic nature will have the trade passed on to them like the old european tradesmen. 

Kealey & Tackaberry Show Home,
Ottawa ON, September 2011

Multi-colour Quarry Stone
Multi-colour River Rock